• 00:20 How Brett got into wealth advocacy world
  • 1:00 You can’t think of health without thinking about wealth at the same time; they go together
  • 1:36 It’s been a crazy ride developing Values Based Patient Advocacy
  • 1:45 Brett and Gwen met when Brett was interviewing Gwen for a position
  • 2:36 But they found out their business plans were similar enough to simply merge
  • 2:56 We run a risk analysis for both health and wealth clients, since the two needs are related
  • 3:16 We’ve seen studies from the Dept of Health that 48% of men and 57% of all women will need stay in a long-term care facility
  • 3:48 Which can end up being $8,000 – $12,000 a month
  • 4:02 The average person doesn’t think enough about their retirement
  • 4:50 Gwen: Brett can be a real blessing as a financial planner!
  • 5:45 Gwen: My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and no one told her to leave the stock market; she passed away a year later, and if she had been present for the stock market crash, she would have died poor
  • 7:12 It’s important to educate people about preserving their retirement money when health concerns are on the horizon
  • 8:00 You can’t truly save your money for your children if it’s all in the stock market, because crashes can always happen
  • 8:30 These are the questions you should ask your financial adviser
  • 8:50 Values Based Patient Advocacy and Values Based Wealth Management work together to address both needs
  • 9:25 We do offer a health & wealth risk assessment
  • 9:30 And we’re passionate about what we do!

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