Image: Chabela Lawrence and her daughter Ruby Lawrence, Oct., 1, 2017. (c) Jeffrey Stockbridge, TIME Magazine 

At the end of 2014, Chabela Lawrence’s health entered a downward spiral. She started to forget things and make mistakes. Eventually, she was diagnosed with dementia. Unable to care for herself, she needed help. The chronic nature of dementia meant that she needed long-term care, but she was faced with a problem: both private insurance and Medicaid wouldn’t cover it, because she didn’t fit into a window of eligible persons. That window was based on income.

Lawrence had made a decent income, but unfortunately, it was too both too little to cover long-term care and too much to allow her to qualify for Medicaid.

Many Americans find themselves in this type of predicament as they face the necessity of continued care. Medicare and Medicaid will pay for long-term care, but an applicant must fall under a certain financial threshold to qualify. This leaves many people responsible for footing the bill themselves, which can easily wipe out any kind of accumulated savings.

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To read more about Chabela Lawrence and the Medicaid situation, visit the original article, written by TIME. 

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