0:20 – What we do to help people, especially people who are alone or live removed from loved ones

0:55 – If you are the child of an aging parent and want us to check in on them, you can count on us!

1:10 – We always work with your values in mind – that’s why we are values based

1:50 – We are both Wealth and Health Advocates – not only do we help you plan for your healthcare and operations, but we also help you budget and finance your better health

2:30 – We can help you with your retirement planning

2:45 – We review medical bills. 90% of all medical bills are wrong and medical bills are the #1 reason for bankruptcy in America

2:55 – A woman was recently charged a fee for holding her newborn baby at the hospital!

3:05 – We can often save on average 40% off of medical bills

3:15 – A client recently called Gwen saying that his water pipe had broke and his kitchen was flooded and he needed help and Gwen showed up on his doorstep to help him through a difficult time

3:35 – Researching treament options or a diagnosis or a prescription

3:40 – Run the analysis and make the decision on whether or not to age in place or enter into an assisted living facility




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