Scoping and Setting Your Wealth and Health Priorities

Introduction –

0:20 – How did Brett get into the Patient Advocate world?

0:55 – Health and Wealth go together so well – beyond just the rhyming

1:35 – Since Gwen has come to work at Values Based Patient Advocates, Brett has never worked so hard! =D

2:10 – Gwen presented her Patient Advocacy business plan to Brett and the synergy was struck!

2:30 – The growing synergy of health and wealth in today’s market

3:00 – Health and Wealth Free Risk Assessment

3:15 – Recent study by Health and Human Services published in Time Magazine shows that the vast majority of men and women will need to stay in some type of long-term care facility later in life

4:00 – These staggering statistics are driving Brett and Gwen to create and deliver quality of life at each stage of life to each member of your family

4:50 – Gwen communicates what it means to be values based for both Brett and Gwen: truly caring and delivering on people’s needs

5:40 – Gwen shares her story of when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and the lack of viable financial and relevant health advice provided her was eye-opening

7:20 – You have to examine your potential horizons

8:10 – The stock market isn’t enough to secure your financial future

8:30 – Don’t ignore warning signs or be complacent – have these conversations!

9:15 – Get your free health and wealth risk assessment

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