Posted by Values Based Patient Advocates on Thursday, December 28, 2017
  • 00:16 2018 is going to be about getting healthy, wealthy, and wise!
  • 00:33 We need to lose some weight, get more energetic, get things together
  • 00:55 We have so many reasons to get healthy: risk of heart attacks, low blood pressure, etc.
  • 1:20 We (Brett, Gwen, & Dan) have all had our cholesterol tests done… and they’re too high!
  • 1:34 So we’re going to be posting our weight and blood pressure every month, starting on Tuesday, and re-checking every 30 days.
  • 1:55 After 3 months we’re going to recheck cholesterol.
  • 2:06 We’re going to be following the Bill Phillips Back to Fit Transformation model.
  • 2:25 Every 3-month period, we’re going to check on our progress.
  • 2:37 Dan: This resonates with me! My doctor wasn’t super complimentary the last time I was in for a checkup.
  • 3:15 Gwen: We’re always advocating for health and wealth, but I’m so tired I’m in bed at 10:30 every night. We need to change that.
  • 3:35 Brett: And we want all of you to participate. We’re going to have conference calls and chats, so that we can be in this together. We’re starting January 2, that’s Tuesday!
  • 4:05 Brett: My plans include aerobics, weights, and more.
  • 4:22 Brett: Something else we’re going to be sharing about is eating healthy and drinking enough water.
  • 5:05 Gwen: All of you commented on my post yesterday — I got donuts yesterday. Well I did it since I knew we were starting this on Tuesday!
  • 5:15 Brett: And Sunday’s a free day, so enjoy it! But on Monday, come here ready to go.
  • 5:55 Gwen: Accountability’s also a big part of it. We need that for motivation.
  • 6:00 Brett: Exactly, that’s why we’re doing this together.
  • 6:30 Gwen: Again, email us — me, Brett, or Dan — or call us, with any questions you have about fitness or the challenge. That will be great.
  • 6:56 Brett: And we’ll let you know when we’re having these meetings, so you can call in and tell us about your progress.
  • 7:15 Brett: Not to say this will be easy. This is a crawl-out-of-the-bed thing. I don’t always want to do it, but I got to do it first thing in the morning.
  • 7:35 Gwen: Yeah, you always used to go to the gym right at 4, back when we started this company. I know you can do this.
  • 8:05 Gwen: This challenge is just check-ups for now, but we could even have group walks. Healthy, wealthy, and wise walks. We can have a lot of fun with this!
  • 8:20 Brett: And normally I’m a lone wolf kind of person, but participation is great. We need another people in on this.
  • 8:45 Brett: We’re really hoping to build this with your participation
  • 8:58 Gwen: In these chats — we’re going to have them every week — we’ll talk about nutrition, about exercising. Please post your questions, we’ll answer them.
  • 9:22 Gwen: And the reason it’s healthy, wealthy, and wise is because of this poem I found, from my mother. Health is the major source of everyone’s wealth. Getting fit will help you feel better, help you work harder. It’s a win-win.
  • 9:58 Gwen: Your attitude really does get better when you exercise.
  • 10:11 Brett: We really hope to support each other. We’re looking forward to it!
  • 10:20 Gwen: Definitely. We look forward to it!
  • 10:28 Gwen: We’re hoping to hear from John, who runs a fitness company near here. We’re going to get him in here for you next week to talk about fitness. He’s got a great program and we’re hoping to get him in here to talk to you.
  • 11:05 Thanks for watching! Come back next week Tuesday for the next livestream, and check out the challenge on Facebook.

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