Joyce L.


The lord has a special way and bringing someone in your life just when you need them most.  You were that person for me.

I just hope you can understand how much I appreciate what you did in my life.  Thanks so much.


You were sent at the perfect time by God to be with our family at this time.


Thank you so much for helping my Brother. You will never know how much it means to me.

-Brenda H.

When my 80-year old Aunt fell, and had to have a partial hip replacement we knew we were in trouble.  My Aunt was adamant, she was not going to move out of her home, and at the time she lived alone. Gwendolyn was a life saver.  She met with my Aunt, myself, and my wife at the rehabilitation center where my Aunt was recovering from the surgery.  She then went with me over to my Aunt’s home to see the living conditions. She provided us with options on how to go forward. After the decision was made to find my Aunt someone to live in the home, she assisted in finding us the help we needed to keep my Aunt safe and in her home with caregivers.  Things have worked out great and we now have around the clock companions for my Aunt and she gets to stay in her home.

A few months passed and we found ourselves needing help again.  Issues were arising amongst the family regarding my Aunt and her finances, so I called Values Based Patient Advocates again to see if Gwendolyn had any ideas. She suggested bringing in her partner, Mr. Hagen, of Values Based Wealth Management. Mr. Hagen and Gwendolyn both came over and sat down with all the family members involved. They offered to do a financial analysis of where my Aunt’s money is going, how long will it last, and who is going to handle the finances for her. Mr. Hagen really opened our eyes. We realized that despite My Aunt’s wanting to stay in her home she is going to have to move to Assisted Living within the next 5 years or her money will run out.

When my Aunt concedes, we will turn to VBPA again to help us find the right facility for my Aunt. We are so grateful to Gwendolyn and Mr. Hagen for their time, their regard for our concerns, and our values. They have been outstanding.

-Bob O.
Fairfax VA