Save Green – How Calling a Patient Advocate Office Saved Thousands

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What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

The working definition from The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates puts it this way: “Some advocates help you with insurance claims, or review your hospital bills.  Others might sit with you at home while you convalesce, or help you understand a difficult diagnosis and an extended list of treatment options.”

But that definition of patient advocate services sounds oh, so, clinical.

How about a story instead?

A Real Life Patient Advocate Description:

How Calling a Patient Advocate Office Saved Thousands of $$$

by Gwendolyn Klein

About a year ago, we got a phone call from an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) company. The EAP representative explained to me that he had a client who was having difficulty getting the bill paid on some surgery for his daughter. I spoke with the client and we discussed his child’s situation. The child had a cleft palate and the insurance was not covering the procedure. I quickly realized the surgery was incorrectly coded for cosmetic surgery.

I suggested to the father that he go back to the surgeon and have the surgeon resubmit the bill using codes for reconstructive surgery instead of cosmetic.

This advice was followed and the surgery was covered by the insurance. Everyone was happy and the child is doing well.

We here at Values Based Patient Advocates were able to help this family at no charge. While it was a serious matter for them, it was easy for us to diagnose the problem and find a solution. It was so simple and quick that we didn’t even charge them a dime!

This is just one of many stories where we have helped bring our clients happy endings. So what about you? What’s your story? Can our patient advocate services help you solve a complicated medical bill? Save Green – Call Your Patient Advocate Office Today!

Our Patient Advocate Office is ever just an email or phone call away: 703-222-1300 – we’re happy to help! A phone call is free and it could save a life or reduce a large hospital bill.

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