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What is the “Risk Assessment” offered by Values Based Health and Wealth Advocates?

Great question!

When you consider the state of your future health and how you are going to take care of yourself, the most important thing to do is consider your family’s wealth situation. Is it in good condition? A simple question, but more easily stated than answered.

The Values Based Health and Wealth Advocates “Risk Assessment” is a way for us to assess your situation (as best we can!). Then, we will attempt to align your current and future health issues with your family’s wealth.

It’s important to consider many different factors when you think about your health long-term.


  • Is your family healthy?
  • Do you have health issues?
  • What were your parents’ later years like?
  • What happens if you need home health care?
  • Can you afford it, and more importantly, for how long?
  • Is it possible that memory issues could affect any one in your family?
  • Can you afford to “age in place”?


  • Are funds available to answer any particular event?
  • Can you afford the $8,000.00 to $12,000.00 a month in a memory care community*?
  • Are your assets in a “risk position”?
  • Would a drop in the Stock Market cause you any concerns?

If you find answering all those questions overwhelming, don’t put it off. Let us help! The Values Based Health and Wealth Advocates “Risk Assessment” is one of the most important discussions your family will ever participate in.

To get your risk assessment, contact us, and let us know in the message when the best time to reach you is. We look forward to helping you plan the best route for your future health and wealth!

  • When is the best time to reach you?
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