Patient Advocates and Prescriptions: Knowing This Could Save Your Life

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Editor’s Note: I ran across this story in the Advo Connection recently and had this gut wrenching reaction: “This could have been my mother. There is nothing unique to this situation that isn’t pandemic in the current medical climate.” You see, doctors often either don’t have the time or don’t take the time to perform the due diligence. As a result, they can fail to cross check prescriptions against other medications a patient is taking. If you have concerns about a medication recently prescribed and how it might affect you or a loved one, just message us.

Why Mrs. Adams Should Have Called a Patient Advocate First

The Scary Reality of an All Too Common Problem

Mrs. Adams had been visiting her son and his family. She was reading a book to her grandson, when she began to have trouble breathing and started breaking out in hives. She passed out, and her son dialed 9-1-1….


She’s back in her son’s home again now, looking back over the entire experience which was horribly traumatic, not just for her but for her son, her little grandson, and the entire family.


They thought she was going to die, and according to the EMTs, she almost did.


What caused the hives and the breathing interruption?  It turned out she was taking two medications that conflicted with each other. One drug was prescribed for her months ago by her cardiologist. The other had been prescribed just the day before by her rheumatologist to treat her arthritis.


Two drugs conflicted.  It was not that she was allergic. It was that those two drugs should never have been prescribed for the same patient to be taken at the same time.


The rheumatologist never should have prescribed the one he did. He almost killed Mrs. Adams with that prescription.

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