All About Medicare with John Norce

John Norce runs, the answer to all your Medicare needs! Contact him at

00:00 Gwendolyn: What are the different types of Medicare? Can you tell us about parts A through G, and the supplements?

5:00 Gwendolyn: What are some of the premiums and deductibles for Medicare? Are they based on income?

7:30 John Norce: Medicare can be confusing because it’s so new, and the laws and regulations change annually. You can end up with a lot more cards. Piecing together your care can be difficult.

9:00 Gwendolyn: Someone goes to a skilled nursing facility. What’s covered? How different is it for different people?

10:00 Gwendolyn: Does Medicare cover in-home care and companion care? What about hospice? And let’s talk about Medicare Advantage. What’s that? How does that work with the other parts of Medicare and Medicare supplements?

13:00 Gwendolyn: How do you enroll for Medicare? Aren’t there time limits and penalties for not enrolling on time?

17:50 John Norce: We’re not a medical company so we don’t make medical decisions, but we have a lot of knowledge about insurance companies, what’s available, what the trends are right now.

19:00 Gwendolyn: What are some of the names involved in the supplement market? Who are the big players?

20:30 Gwendolyn: There’s a lot more information out there and it’s good to become an educated consumer: whether the company you’re looking into has a history of rate hikes, whether they cover spouses or families, and so on.

22:20 Gwendolyn: We’re going to have John back, so send us questions! John, what are some more resources for people on Medicare?

24:00 Gwendolyn: If you turn 65 and you file for Social Security, do you get Medicare Part A? Do you have to file for that? What about Part B?

26:45 Gwendolyn: A lot of people like to travel when they retire. Does Medicare cover domestic or international travel?

28:00 Gwendolyn: Listeners, you don’t need to be confused about Medicare! John knows what he’s talking out. If you have questions, reach out to me at Values Based Patient Advocates for John’s contact info.

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