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Disaster Relief Fundraiser – Nov. 21

      Hurricane Irma swept Florida and the Caribbean more than a month ago, but as the news tells us every day, thousands of people are still suffering in the aftermath. With several other sponsors, Values Based Patient Advocates has put together a disaster relief...

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7 Steps to Plan for Medical Bills

Last week, we talked about the challenge that paying medical bills poses to many people, including those who have health insurance. Although they may not want to think about it, no one is exempt from facing high medical costs someday. With a little...

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Medical Bills: You Are Not Alone

Mark woke up beside his wife feeling relief and joy just to have another day with her. After her recent health scare and one month stay in the hospital, he was happy it was all over. However, he did not know how to tell her how badly her medical bills had...

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Patient Advocate News: Anthem to Stop Covering Outpatient Imaging Care

Due to rising healthcare costs, more and more insurers are having to take drastic measures to keep premiums low while maintaining their profit margins. Insurance provider Anthem has recently announced that it will no longer pay for MRIs and CT scans performed on an outpatient basis in hospitals across the country. As Modern Healthcare reports, Anthem’s new policy is indicative of the future, even though such measures may only serve to worsen patients’ access to care.

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