Patient Advocate For You: What To Do When You Leave The Hospital

You have survived the preparation for your visit to the hospital and, amazingly, you and your loved one have survived the operation and the in hospital recovery. We bet you think that you no longer need to worry or plan because the operation was a success and you and your loved ones seem ...

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Patient Advocates At The Hospital: An Essential Checklist For Your Hospital Visit

We have already discussed what to do before you get to the hospital in order to ensure that you and your loved ones will have a safe and comfortable stay at the hospital. Please go here for more information.

However, planning and preparation does not end as you enter the hospital ...

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Reducing patient casualties to zero

Campaign Zero: Patient Advocates on Your Side When It Matters Most


Imagine for a moment the horror and dismay you would experience if you found out that after taking your loved one in for a routine procedure, that they have been infected or introduced to a dangerous and life changing disease due to hospital negligence.

This is not as far-fetched as you might ...

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Patient Advocate Pharmacy

Patient Advocates and Prescriptions: Knowing This Could Save Your Life

Editor’s Note: I ran across this story in the Advo Connection recently and had this gut wrenching reaction: “This could have been my mother. There is nothing unique to this situation that isn’t pandemic in the current medical climate.” You see, doctors either don’t have the time, don’t take the time, or are plain just ...

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Patient Advocate Duties

Patient Advocate Responsibilities – What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

The Patient Advocate Role

When You Go to Court, You Need a Lawyer; When You Go to the Hospital, You Need a Patient Advocate

Most people would agree, if you had to go to court on something, you would hire an attorney.

Why? Because they are the experts, they know ...

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Choosing Wisely – A Patient Advocate Copay Relief Dance Remix

So do you really need all those tests and medications? Choose wisely.

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It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
Less is more can often be the best way
There are tests, treatments and procedures you don’t really need
While some are very useful, some at best mislead

[Chorus:] Now we’re choosing wisely
Body scans annual exams can do more harm than good
We’re choosing wisely
Imaging for minor things may not give you the truth
We’re choosing wisely
Antibiotics for a cold will do nothing but make you ill
We’re choosing wisely
A routine screen for many things is often overkill

[Verse 2:] You tell me you’re worried you’ve got this and that, yeah,
Well, I truly care so don’t hold it back, yeah,
But, from what I can see you’ll be just fine, yeah,
You don’t need that test, let’s not waste our time
Here’s why

[Chorus] [Bridge:] We want to (wisely) keep you – free from harm
That test result (wisely) can – cause alarm
That treatment (wisely) can make you – feel run-down
That drug (wisely) could spin your head – round and round
I said (I want to keep you) (Wisely, wisely, wisely) – free from harm
(Wisely, wisely, wisely)
For that procedure you’ll have to wear a – hospital gown
Doing nothing (wisely) can be your – lucky charm
I said

[Chorus 2x]

Hey, come on

Free from harm … do the right thing … (wisely)
Free from harm … that dose is too high … (wisely)
Free from harm … use common sense … (wisely)
Free from harm, I said (let me tell you now)

[Chorus 2x]

Values Based Patient Advocates is located at 5180 Parkstone Dr. # 160, Chantilly, VA 20151 and Our Patient Advocate Office is ever just an email or phone call away: 703-222-1300

Looking for more info? Have you downloaded our best practices health guide yet? Here’s what you get:

  • What you need to bring with you when heading to the hospital
  • The most important health documents you need on hand
  • A Healthcare Power of Attorney Form
  • Immunizations Checklist
  • Health Journal
  • Existing Conditions Health Disclosure (I.C.E.)

Download it here ⇒


Choosing Wisely – a parody of the infectious Pharrell Williams song “Happy” – choose wisely when it comes to making health care decisions and if you choose wisely it will make you happy.

James McCormack

Liam Styles Chang (Lead Vocals)
Shae Scotten (Background Vocals)
Check their band out at
Check out their album “The Four Winds” at

Purchased and downloaded from
and written permission was obtained

The video is a mash-up of content from

Almost all images were purchased from

Copyright Issues
1. The original song is Happy by Pharrell Williams – one of the catchiest songs ever
2. In Canada we have a law that states the use of copyrighted material as part of “Fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire does not infringe copyright”
3. The use is solely for non-commercial purposes
4. The use is solely for the purposes of education – promoting the concepts of evidence-based medicine, shared decision making and common sense to healthcare providers and patients
5. It is parody as it equates the original context of the song – happy – to the concept of choosing wisely when it comes to health care decisions
6. Written permission from the Karaoke (the background music) people to use their content was obtained
7. Substantive transformative changes have been made – new lyrics and vocals
8. Where needed/possible (paid or free) copyright for the images used has been obtained – shutter
9.This mash-up video used less than 0.3% of the video content at

Our Patient Advocate Office Is Only a Phone Call Away

Save Green – How Calling a Patient Advocate Office Saved Thousands

What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

The working definition from The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates puts it this way: Some advocates help you with insurance claims, or review your hospital bills.  Others might sit with you at home while you convalesce, or help you understand a difficult diagnosis and an extended list ...

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How far will some pharmaceutical companies go to push a drug for profits?

According to this article, Insys Therapeutics employed illegal and unethical practices to push their pain medication, Subsys, on patients who may have not needed it.  I should mention that the leading ingredient in this under-the-tongue pain medication is the highly addictive drug called Fentanyl, which is ~1,000 ...

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Choosing Wisely – A Fresh Take on the Healthcare Industry

Making the right decisions for your health is important.  Sometimes opting for too many procedures and scans can do more harm than good.

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