Andrew Finch – Bio

Director of Client Communications, Webmaster

Andrew Finch is the Director of Client Communications at Values Based Patient Advocates. In this role, Andrew makes sure every customer and their family’s needs are properly communicated and met by the firm. He brings his traditional values to modern mediums, helping bring our hectic, no-wait-state world to those who are tired of talking to a robot. You won’t need to press any additional buttons to get through a machine to reach him.

Originally from New England, Andrew moved to Northern Virginia as a child and has resided there most of his life. When he’s not assisting clients, he dedicates most of his spare time to understanding the Information Technology industry and tinkering with code on various side projects.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Andrew loves to see how far he can go while carrying as little as possible on his back. He brings this mentality with him everywhere he goes, always looking for a lightweight tool that can handle multiple jobs.