Values Based Patient Advocates is based out of Chantilly, Virginia.

As advocates, we will assist you by: researching expert doctors and treatment options.  We accompany clients to doctor’s appointments to help in the understanding of a newly diagnosed disease.  We provide a thorough understanding of a diagnosis, and assistance with obtaining a second opinion.

We educate you about patients’ rights.  We provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your health care.

Advocates will also investigate denied claims and assist with decoding medical bills, explaining what is covered and what is not, and help in reapplying for denied claims.

Our Advocates can review medical bills for errors, negotiate pricing and reduce costs.

We will provide bedside visits to a loved one while in the hospital to ensure they are getting the care they require.

We facilitate in communication among providers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Mediation services are offered to assist families dealing with difficult healthcare issues. We can initiate or assist in discussions on End of Life decisions, including hospice and provide resources in obtaining quality caregivers.

Values Based Patient Advocates also offers the service of a Certified Age in Place Specialist.

Many older adults end up living in Senior Living Retirement Communities.  Not because that is their choice, but because they felt they had no other options.

We provide that option.

As Certified Age in Place Specialists, we will work with you, assess your needs and safety Health Advocate's Code of Conduct and Professional Standardshazards, and show you ways to modify your home so you can stay in your own home safely and comfortably.

VBPA is an independent, private patient advocacy business.

Have you ever left the doctor’s office and thought:

  • “What did he say about my diagnosis?”
  • “Do I really need this surgery?”
  • “I am scared, but who can help me?”