How far will some pharmaceutical companies go to push a drug for profits?

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According to this article, Insys Therapeutics employed illegal and unethical practices to push their pain medication, Subsys, on patients who may have not needed it.  I should mention that the leading ingredient in this under-the-tongue pain medication is the highly addictive drug called Fentanyl, which is ~1,000 times more powerful than Morphine and should be very carefully prescribed.

Insys Therapeutics is reported to have trained at least one employee in illegal tactics to ensure the drug was prescribed to patients who may have been better off with less addictive and more moderate medication.

Sarah Fuller, a long time Subsys user has died from what her mother said was the Fentanyl ingredient of the medication.

Please read this article and make sure to double check with your doctor to make sure you’re getting the right medication, that your diagnostic codes are properly conveyed between them, yourself, and your insurance company, and whatever you do… don’t let the manufacturer of a medication recommend themselves as a treatment without first consulting an experienced medical professional.

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