Under-Staffing and Over-Regulation Leads to Less Time with Patients

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Hospital staff are being further and further bogged down by regulation and under-staffing, leading to less and less time spent with their patients. This is where Patient Advocates step in.

The actual face-to-face time with a doctor or other health care provider actually comes down to 7 minutes on average.

Huffington Post, Patient Advocacy – A Step in the Right Direction

With patients spending less time with their care providers to fully understand their condition or treatment options, it’s no wonder that so many are left with inadequate or non-existent care, furthering the need to have an advocate at their side.

In most cases, the role of a patient advocate ends up falling on a concerned family member with little or no experience in the medical industry.  The need for specialists who can mitigate the jungle of the healthcare system is on the rise, and with good reason.

Take a look over this article, written by several leaders in the medical industry for The Huffington Post, and call us with any questions.

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