How to Get Discounted Medication

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Are you paying too much money for prescription drugs?  If the high cost of generic medications is hurting your wallet this app is a must have. is a new app.

I read about it in an article from CNBC, “Blink Health looks to disrupt relentless rise of drug prices.”  This app is free and they promise you can save up to 90% on generic drugs.  The article stated, “According to Blink’s website 30 tablets of the generic cholesterol lowering medication, Lipitor would cost $163.24 without insurance. The Blink price is $9.94.”

To use their app, just go to the site and put in the name of the medication you need to get filled, along with the dosage and how much of the med is to be dispensed, and a price will pop up. Pay for it on their site and pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy.

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