About 20% of Americans are Misdiagnosed Every Year

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According to CBS News, 12 Million Americans misdiagnosed each year. (CBS News, April 17, 2014).

12 million misdiagnosed each year is a lot of people. It pretty much boils down to 1 out of every 20 Americans, and apparently half of those cases could end up in serious harm.

The article goes on to say that Doctors need to take their time with their patients, and listen to them. That is scary considering Doctors have no time to spend with their patients anymore.

The three symptoms where a misdiagnosis led to a more serious issue are a cough, shortness of breath and abdominal pain.

Patients can help to ensure a better outcome for themselves by making sure they provide a clear, accurate and concise medical history.  Also, be very clear when explaining your current symptoms to your doctor.

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