people are misdiagnosed every minute



We bridge the gap between real people and the changing health industry.

people are misdiagnosed every minute

We know healthcare is complicated.

Doctors and nurses don’t intend to make it difficult, but the system is already so complex, there isn’t enough time left for compassion or understanding.

Yet this is exactly when you need compassion and understanding, and we know that.

We are patient advocates: we focus exclusively on you and your needs, helping you to resolve concerns about the quality of your care, get the care you need, and ensure that your voice is heard.

Let us help you.


of all medical bills have errors

patients are misdiagnosed each year

patients receive incorrect prescriptions each year

patients die from medical malpractice each year

Source: Medical Billing Advocates of America, Journal of Patient Safety, Institute of Medicine, Johns Hopkins

Our Services


Financial and Medical Billing Help


Hospital Visits and Bedside Monitoring

Second Opinion


Accompany Patients to Doctor Appointments

End of Life Planning and Paperwork

(i.e., wills, power of attorney, DNRs, etc.)


Senior Care Services


Patient Rights Education

Review Medications 


Research Treatment Options


Social Security / Disability / Assistance Filings

Filing Insurance Claims and Disputing Denials

Need help with medical billing?

Addressing medical bills, by reducing payments or lowering rates, is our #1 service.


Pricing is estimated on a case-by-case basis.

You have the option of contacting us on a consultation basis if you need quick, one-time assistance.

In most cases, we can lower your medical bills.  We would ask for a percentage of the amount you saved, never exceeding the original costs.


We are so grateful to Gwendolyn and Mr. Hagen for their time, their regard for our concerns, and our values. They have been outstanding. — Bob O.
The Lord has a special way and bringing someone in your life just when you need them most. You were that person for me. I just hope you can understand how much I appreciate what you did in my life. Thanks so much. — Joyce
You were sent at the perfect time by God to be with our family at this time. — Carol
Thank you so much for helping my brother. You will never know how much it means to me. — Brenda H.


Years of Combined Experience in patient advocacy and financial advocacy.


of Cases helped and Clients satisfied


Dedicated Offices meeting your needs in patient and financial advocacy.

Our Team

Meet Gwendolyn B. Klein, Founder and Owner of Values Based Patient Advocates

For Gwendolyn, patient advocacy is not merely a business, it is a way of life. She lost both parents to cancer soon after graduating college, and takes care of her son, Matthew, who suffers from a bone disease known as Monostatic Fibrous Dysplasia. When she first began her long encounter with the healthcare system, it was a matter of blind groping to find the answers. As she learned more, she determined that no one else should have to endure the same hardship. And so Values Based Patient Advocates was born.


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Our Blog

Check out our blog for helpful articles on hospital visits, medical insurance, medical billing, and much more.

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Bridging the gap between patients and the healthcare industry.


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